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 Improving Communication for Healthcare Decisions                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Initial Consultation (secure your consultation date on our schedule today)
We visit your hospital to meet in person with administrative, physician, nursing and chaplaincy staff.  Personalized, one-on-one consultation prepares department leaders to harness the power of
Hopecare to revolutionize your hospital's approach to communication with patients and families facing death.  The initial consultation empowers your hospital to immediately realize the ROI of implementing a more patient/family-centered orientation to end of life care for religious patients and families.
certification ingrains a new culture of care in your hospital and engenders immediate trust with patients and families seeking Hopecare Certified Providers.  Conveniently available online 24/7, Hopecare Level 1 Certification is a must for any healthcare professional who personally interfaces with terminally ill patients and their families.

ROI Research
Hopecare research  study specific to your hospital will monetize what your balance sheet has to gain from revolutionizing your orientation to end of life conversations with religious patients and families.  Brief, discrete, and pre-approved by an independent IRB, Hopecare research demonstrates your potential to reap exponential benefits in quality and cost.

training drives a radical shift in your hospital’s approach to end of life care.  Through on-location, personalized, shift-by-shift instruction, Hopecare training creates a hospital culture that comfortably engages the complex role of hope in end-of-life healthcare decision making.

Refining the art of the Palliative Care Consult

Whether you are looking to build a palliative care consult team/practice from scratch, add a spiritual dimension to your existing practice, or learn how to more proactively align the spiritual dimension of your palliative care
consults with the spiritual reality of many patients and families grappling with terminal illness, Hopecare can help.    

When it becomes clear to your hospital that
Hopecare is your most valued quality improvement and cost reduction initiative going forward, you may wish to augment your institutional benefit by contracting Hopecare Intervention for special cases.